You need Beat Sheet

Fix Playing Zones

Who isn't tired of hearing "BEAD PLACEMENT!!" from techs?

Now you can see your zones throughout practices, pad sessions, and run-throughs without mirrors or videos.

Sound Better

Your band and recording engineers will appreciate your consistent tone.

Get ready for the weekend gig or recording session!

Make the line

Be ready for the audition.

Improve your playing today

What is Beat Sheet?

Beat Sheet™ is a revolutionary visual aid to help percussionists develop accurate playing zones. The Main Playing Zone Sheet is a reactive "sticker" that exposes striking locations. Each sheet has fun and intriguing imagery with indicators for identifying acceptable zones. As you play, the "scratch" layer is removed, revealing playing trends.

Each sheet is water resistant vinyl and will withstand many hours on a drum head or hard practice pad. Beat Sheets are made with removable adhesive that is safe for coated heads and will not leave residue.

Packages contain everything you need: Main Playing Zone Sheets™, Removal Sheets™, and Repair Dots™ for extended use. 

Students, educators, and professionals finally have a definitive way to analyze playing zones immediately and accurately.

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